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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Herbal Medicines

We understand  that you might have some questions about our products. The following list has answers to the most common questions from our customers. Please kindly read the questions first. The answer to your question might be  right here.

What is Ginseng good for ?

Ginseng alleviates stress, fatigue, exhaustion, migraine, amnesia, and the  debilitating effects of old age. It is also useful in the treatment of tuberculosis, diabetes, and various heart diseases, abnormal kidneys functions, and general nervously which leads to restless sleep. Under  circumstances, Ginseng can help to restore potency in men due to its blood circulation support.

Can Ginseng act as an aphrodisiac ?

Basically yes. Due to its overall increase of energy and general health and its blood circulation  support, Ginseng automatically will help in cases of sexual dysfunction. However, there are more powerful medicines to restore potency than Ginseng. Many of them (at least the Natural Products!) contain Ginseng in a  smaller percentage. Howevermost herbal medicines against sexual dysfunction have in common, that they are at the same time medicines which help against kidney problems. Both, kidney-problems as well as  impotency problems have the same root.

I have heard that Ginseng could improve memory and your ability to work mentally and to think. Is this true? Yes, that is true.  Ginseng eases the flow of blood in the human body and thus the blood is able to reach again smallest vessels, also in the brain. If we think about the human brain of a length reaching up to 100,000 km if the whole  blood circulation system were in one row- then we can only imagine, how powerful the effects of Ginseng can be for your memory as well as your ability to work mentally.

Why is Royal Jelly liquid ampoules  so precious and why is it so expensive for shipment? The glandular secretion of bees is a milk-like stuff produced from a secretion by worker bee’s salivary glands. Its composition is complex, but very rich in nourishment. The Queen bees by using it as victual are able to survive a long period over five years about 20 times longer than worker bees. Therefore, it has been considered in ancient scripts as a “precious medicine” for one’s longevity. There are 15 small bottles inside the box which weights over 1 kg.

Are there any import restrictions for natural herbals in various countries? Laws differ from country to country, however most countries do not reject food supplement on a 100% natural and herbal basis  as we offer it. So far we are not aware of even one import restriction of our products in any country worldwide.

Does Ginseng help when having heart problems ? It is said that for instance, Panax Ginseng regulates the blood pressure and aids the blood circulation. It cures or alleviates coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypo-tension and myocardial malnutrition. Panax Ginseng enhances the resistance of human body against heart-shock and therefore serves as a first-aid drug to save death-impending patients, giving them an extralease of life.

I am new to Ginseng and I would love to try it and make it my daily habit. But what kind of Ginseng can you recommend to start with ? We would recommend to try Panax Ginseng first. It is easy to dose  because it is a liquid and we have met so many customers who are most satisfied with the results. Not to forget, one bottle will last for one month, so you definitely get the most value for your money.

 Can Ginseng help with migraine ? Yes, in many cases. It aids the blood circulation even in smallest blood vessels of the brain. We know that small vessels which do not allow for blood circulation are a major source of headaches (same happens after excessive alcohol consumption or smoking cigarettes!).

What is the difference between Ginseng and Vitamin-and Mineral tablets? Ginseng has the ability to influence the kind of nerve system which does not underlay the human control, e.g. the beating of your heart, nervous tensions etc. Our will alone cannot influence that, unless you are a master in transcendental meditations or Yoga. Ginseng, however takes access to those functions which results in deep sleeping habits at nighttime and eradication of nervous tensions at daytime. When we remember, that all cells of the human body are able to reproduce, with the exception of your brain cells and your entire nerve cells (we are born with the same nerve cells as we will die!), then we understand the tremendous effects Ginseng can have to calm tensions, to make you feel relax and to restore an inner balance and harmony, a condition every human being has a right on. This becomes even more important with our hectic live-style and most challenging working conditions, where smart and fast decisions are mostly commonly being made by those men and women who are in position of the strongest nerves, which gives them a relaxed and in each situation superior attitude.

Vitamin tablets are supportive in case you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. But they cannot take influence in a scale like ginseng does.

 How many Kangweiling Wan Pills do I need to get first results? The first 2 days we recommend to take 10-15 pills at one time. After that it is sufficient to go on with 5 pills on a daily basis.

Must I take Kangweiling only occasionally or do I have to take it permanently to obtain the desired effects? It is recommended to take it for 2-3 weeks as a cure and after that only occasionally when there is an occasion (min. 3 hours before).

I have read in the newspaper that for some people it might be quite  dangerous to take Viagra, even that people have died already while taking it. Is that true and could this happen also with Kangweiling? It is not exactly like that. People have not died because of taking Viagra,  but because of taking it excessively and/ or without consulting their doctors. Indeed there is a health risk when taking Viagra in the wrong way or when you don’t know that you have a heart problem and take it  despite that.

It woun’t happen with Kangweiling, since it is herbal natural stuff. However, all good thing can turn into bad when taking it excessively, or, as Leibnitz (philosophy) truly said:” Alone the  dose ad the amount makes it poisonous!” Meaning e.g. if you eat too many carrots which should actually be good for your health due to its Vitamin A and anti-oxigenes substances, you might fall sick, yes you might  even die. Your body will not be able to absorb it so quickly.

Basically it is a matter of reason and all life. Find a reasonable path to consume things-also Kangweiling.

I understand that  Kangweiling for men is a kind of herbal aphrodisiac. What is the difference between Kangweiling and Viagra? Kangweiling is not a drug or medicine that is produced chemically with lots of unknown substances. Kangweiling is a natural herbal that has similar effects as Viagra without the side-effects. It stimulates your sex drive in a natural way without leaving you out of control. It is easy for dosage and most importantly it is very cost-effective in comparison to Viagra.

When can Ginseng be harmful ? The most common side-effect of taking too much Ginseng is mild diarrhea. However, most people in America take Ginseng Capsules or some other form of processed Ginseng. Most of these products are not 100% Ginseng, and contain fillers, stimulants, preservatives and other unknown substances. These can cause problems. So if the product you are taking is truly 100% Ginseng you can feel safe to take almost any dose you want, although there is no reason to take more than 2 grams per day. If it's not 100% Ginseng then you should be careful until you know what side effects the other ingredients may have.

Should your particular question be not on the list, please kindly send us e-mail to: pharmacy@tourasia.net

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