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Cough and asthma are common complications.  Though the causes are many, nothing but internal disorder and external influence are the prime factors.  In the case of a cold the flatus is pent up and the pulmonic gas cannot diffuse, while internally, if the lung is affected by disorder of other parts of the viscera, phlegm will develop.  Although cough is only a malaise, it will become a serious case in the long run if not treated in time.

This herbal is prepared according to ancient empirical prescription.

Principal Ingredients:  Macaca mulatta, Physeter catodon.  Pteria margaritifera, Bambasa textiles, Amomum villosum, Fritillaria cirrhosa, Asarum siebodii, Citrus sinensis.

Indications: All types of asthma including chronic asthma, pulmonary empysema, and to act as the antitussive and expectorant in bronchitis.

Administration & Dosage: 2 capsules, 3 times daily.


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48 asthma capsules (2 packs)

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