Herbal Xiaoke Wan for Diabetes:

This herbal for diabetes is nourishing the kidneys and yin, benefiting vital energy and promoting the production of body fluid. It is indicated for cases with polydipsia, polyuria, potyphagia, emaciation, fatigue, sleeplessness, lumbago, and high glucose level in the blood and urine.

This diabetes pill is proved to be highly effective with small dosage and few side effect, and is especially effective for incipient, mild, moderate and stable cases of diabetes mellitus in which the pancreas is still partially functioning.

Since the quality of this diabetes pill is stable and its effectiveness is definite,this preparation was awarded "Famous Trade Brand Product" by Guangdong Province in 1996.

Trade Mark: Zhong Yi Brand Diabetes Medicine

Description: Black concentrate pills; taste, sweet, sour , slightly astringent. ,

Ingredients: Radix Astragali, Radix Rehmanniae and Radix Trichosanthis,Glibenclamide (2.5mg per 10 pills).

Dosage: 1. 25 - 2.5g (about 5 - 10 diabetes pills) for oral use with boiled water after meal, thrice daily.


diabetes medicine

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260 diabetes pills (2 packs)

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Xiaoke Wan
diabetes diabetes


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