kidney stones
kidney stones

Herbal Kidney Wash

Urinary Tract Infection has been severely among the elderly people nowadays.  Common symptoms include abdominal pain, lower backaches, night sweat, prostate gland enlargement, difficulty to excrete urine, extreme pain during urination, urine with blood, pain in the testis, and restlessness. These were caused by tiny particles that tend to clog our urinary tract. This has led to the inflammation and infection of our kidneys and its bladder.

Kidney Wash, a newly discovered recipe, proved to be effective in discharging particles that clog our urinary tract. Washing away any impurities and making urination easy and painless. It alleviates pain caused by any particles clogged in the system. It is also considered as an indispensable medicine for patients suffering from kidney stones.

Made from classic Chinese herbs, its regular use does nott produce any side effects.

kidney stones pills

Item # T3235

90 kidney stones capsules (3 packs)

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Kidney Wash
kidney stones kidney stones kidney stones


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