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Conditioning Prostate Gland functions, promoting prostate glands activities, helping the recycle of blood, stop pains and prostate inflammations.

Chronic Prostatitis is a comnion disease in men It always happen together with Urethritis and Epididymitis. If treated with Western methods only, patients are alwavs unsatisfy with the results. It is hard to recover and patients still might have pain. Chinese Medical determine that prostate gland inflammation belongs to a section of Urinauy tract inflection.  It is in the field of Gonorrhoea.

Chronic Prostatitis happens because the disease haven't been completely recovered in the acute period and the pathogenic bacteria still incubate the glands.  In the development of chronic inflammation, main changes are fibrosis, granuloustes infiltration and, tubualar gland obstruction making the result of Dysuria. Since some chronic prostatitis patients use different medicines and have bad results, people in the Medical field tried their best to study, using many valuable Chinese medicines and developed this " Prostate Gland Pills"


Vaccaria Seqetalis, Paeonia Suffruticosa, Paeona Veitchii Lynch, Astragalus membranaceues, Patrinia Villoea Juss, Peucedanum praeruptorium, Glycyrrhiza Glabra L., Saussurea lappa clarke, Akebia trifoliata

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180 prostate pills

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prostate pills
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