Royal Jelly is produced from a secretion by worker bee’s salivary glands. Its composition is complex, but very rich in nourishment. The Queen bees by using it as victual are able to survive a long period over five years about 20 times longer than worker bees. Therefore, Royal Jelly has been considered in ancient scripts as a precious medicine for one’s longevity!

Main actions of Royal  Jelly:

1: promote metabolism, and  strengthen organic functions.

2: lower cholesterol,  stimulate myocardium, and accelerate blood circulation.

3: regulate enzymatic  secretions of endocrine glands, and ease internal digestion.

4: speed up the works of  fats, protein, saccharide metabolism and internal absoption.

Thus, Royal Jelly is  of great value for the following complaints:

1: feebleness due to age and  during convalescence, physical debility after major operations or serious  illness, and premature senility.

2: lassitude, over-fatique,  and neurasthenia.

3: poor appetite, loss of  weight, and falling hair.

4: chronic hepatitis,  rheumatic arthritis, gastric ulcer and anemia.

5:  arteriosclerosis.

Each capsule of Royal Jelly  contains:

Royal Jelly: 200  mg

Ginseng Roots: 50  mg

Dosage: One capsule Royal  Jelly taken daily, either in the morning or in the evening

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90 capsules (3 packs)

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Royal Jelly Capsules




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