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Memory Brain Tonic: This Tonic is refined from different natural medicines of soothing, stimulating, refreshing, wisdom-enriching, anti-decrepitude and brain activating effects by latest scientific technologies with reference to distinguished ancient clinical prescriptions. It is a well-known health-care and brain tonic to cure neurasthenia and to promote memory.
It is the wish of modern people to have a fast thinking, good memorising and dexterous mind.
However, there are numerous factors which may affect the normal functioning of the brain, the main symptom of which is neurasthenia, such as dizzying, insomnia, over-dreaming, depressed memory and different autonomic neural disorder symptoms, causing much disruption to the daily life and working efficiency. This Tonic has the feature of fundamental cure and is the most effective prescription to fully eliminate the symptoms of neurasthenia without suppressing the nerve system. It has been proved by medical authoritative people of many countries to have significant effects and it is safe to take.
On observation for 2 months in a clinical proof case, the effective rate is 95% for neurasthenia and relating symptoms. Significant curative effect can be obtained by 1 to 2 months of dosage.
The following good effects can be identified by clinical proofs:
1. strengthen mental activities, enhance thinking power, initiating mental dexterity and increasing working efficiency.
2. improve the symptoms of mental stress such as insomnia, dizzying, palpitation, over-dreaming etc., extend sleeping time, relieve mental pressure, and having joyous mood and full of vigour.
3. increase memory capability, prevent mental fatigue, and obvious improving effects for
symptoms like poor thinking capability, children's low comprehensive power, non-
concentration and mental decrepitude, and elders' dementia:
4. Following the improvements in the state of illness, there is increase in different extent in
haemachrome, red cells and body weight. It is especially suitable for feeble neurasthenia
patients due to anaemia.

Main compositions:
glossy ganoderma, rehmanniae, cuidium officiuale, Polygala root, sour dates, schisandra
chinensis, acorus gramineus etc.

brain nourishing and soothing, refreshing, wisdom-promoting, increasing memory capability,
anti-decrepitude, suitable for neurasthenia, forgetfulness, insomnia, uneasiness, over-dreaming, dizzying, tiredness, fatigue, poor working efficiency, children's low comprehensive power, non-concentration, forgetfulness in home work.

2 times a day for adults, 3 pills each time, to be taken with warm boiled water. Reduced dosage for children.

This Tonic has undertaken substantial clinical proofs for pharmacology and toxicity. There is
absolutely no side effect for application. Regular dosage may fully exploit the function of the brain.

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Brain Memory Tonic


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