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Tourasia Co., Ltd. is a company legally registered in Bangkok, Thailand  and is a member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce and therefore absolutely trustworthy. We are specialized in a very specific field of herbal products. Besides that, Tourasia is also producing literature about  alternative health and health related questions. If you have a special request about any herbal or natural medicine, ask our Service Department. Maybe we have it - if not, maybe we can get it for you.  Explain your request with a detailed description of the herbal and what it is good for. Our staff will contact you soon.

Business Hours:

We are open from 10:00am - 6:00pm EST everyday but Saturday and Sunday. We check our E-mail many  times during the day and night, even on days the store is closed and on weekends and holidays --so E-mail replies are quick.

Thailand, Bangkok                                                                                                   Tourasia Co., Ltd.
246 Sukhumvit Soi 16 Bangkok 10110 Klongtoey, THAILAND, Tel: 66 2 245 211

Other than Thailand, we have offices in following countries: Malaysia, Korea and Philippines. Our goods will be send from the one country with the best US $ rate.

In order for processing all your requests in a fastest possible way, please kindly contact the right  person in charge while using the following E-mail addresses:
General comments or inquiries about products, service, complaints, refunds:

Questions about your order, pricing, wholesales, promotions:

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