Natural Lian Bai Tablets for cancer and tumours

About Lian Bai Cancer and Tumour Treatment:

Lian Bai tumour tablets have been developed by major hospitals in China after intensive research, as a drug for treatment of malignant tumours. These tablets are made using genuine and rare Chinese medicines which have been refined, processed, compounded and highly concentrated. These tablets have been proven eminently effective against epithelioma villosum, cervical, nasopharyngeal, lung, pharyngo, stomach and other diseases.


Rock arborvitae, gecko, ophidia grass, seven-leaf single branch flower, prunella vulgaris, bezoar.

Actions & Indications:

2-Node-removing, analgesic, haemostatic, for treatment of epithelioma villosum, malignant hydatidiform mole, lung, nasopharyngeal etc. Taken in conjunction with radiotherapy or chemotherapy, these tablets will shorten the course of treatment and hasten the sunsidence of the tumour. Taken before and after surgical operation, they will also act against the side-effects. Taken orally 3-4 times a day, 6 tablets each time, complete course of treatment being 15 days.

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200 cancer, tumour tablets (2 packs)

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cancer and tumor pills



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